Cast Your Stone

by Walter Rose

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released January 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Walter Rose California

Warmth is the feeling you’re hit with as soon as you’ve pressed play on the debut Walter Rose album.

American Songwriter Magazine wrote that Rose’s previous EP sounded “as if it could have been released in 1975.” This carries over to Cast Your Stone, not only in the closeness of Rose’s voice and confessional lyric style, but also in the overall sonic experience.
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Track Name: When You Were Mine
"When You Were Mine" By: Walter Rose

Wheels keep on turning California byway
Lord knows where I’m headed she ain't going my way
Days turn to night the tires keep the rhythm right
but these days always end the same chasing a fading light
and I’m still forgetful about this wasted potential
'cause nothings changed, I'm all the same nothing but myself to blame

short on money baby and I'm long on time
But you never fade away
The days when you where mine

and your smile's the melody to the songs I always sing
you’re that little bit of hope in just what tomorrow might bring
'cause you never fade baby from this life of maybes
yeah but you know where to find me girl

I’ll raise my whiskey to the non-believers
and one more beer back chaser for all the dreamers
'cause if I keep running maybe I'll find some peace of mind
But the sun never shines so bright
As the days when you where mine

yeah I'm short on money baby and long on time
but you never fade away
or the days when you were mine
Track Name: Dusty Road
"Dusty Road" by: Walter Rose

Bottom of a glass staring back at me
Never seemed to help the pain
Sunny skies behind your eyes
He’s written all over your face
Now there’s nothing left to say

Pictures of you from better times
Who’s that by your side
Maybe it’s me the man I used to be, hey
But my love has gone to waste
and I guess I knew you’d never stay

losing my grip
She’s falling from my hands
The word’s been said
And that sun keeps burning
All I can do is watch her go
Tires turn down a dusty road

Teary eyed battered soul
Tires turning down a dusty road
Wondering were this time you’ll go
And I know I’ve made mistakes
But this old heart was built to break

Time and love’s only gonna weigh me down
Shuffle my feet through the same old town
Your eyes can tell the tale that your lips could never say
Rattle the dice in the games we play

No need for enemies with a lover like you
No one can treat me quite like you do
With your eyes full of promise and mouth full of lies
How many more baby have you left behind
With a broken heart just like mine

And all I can do
Is watch her go
Tires turning down a dusty road
Track Name: Head For The Hills
"Head for the Hills" by: Walter Rose

Wrath is coming out on the horizon
Storm is rolling and that river’s rising
This old motor is gonna carry my through
Spend my last dollar coming home to you

Spend your youth in the desert see those days in my eyes
Paying for a rich man’s holdings with a poor boys life
Here’s you bus to Missouri sign you name on the line
You too young to drink now son but old enough to die

Tip that cup full of sorrow go on and drink your fill
Turn your back on a setting sun and head for the hills
Track Name: On My Mind
"On My Mind" by: Walter Rose

Your eyes tell me that I’m supposed to miss you
When you’re still here
And I know it ain't right
I just can’t seem to find
‘cause tomorrow just ain't on my mind
I’m just not ready to leave today behind
‘Cause tomorrow just ain't on my mind

I know it ain't right Baby I just can’t seem to find
‘cause tomorrow just ain't on my mind
And I can’t think of words to say
If you can find a way to stay
with a man dressed in today
then I’ll love you now and the rest of our todays
said I’ll love you now darling
and the rest of our todays
I’m just not ready to leave today behind
Cause tomorrow just ain't on my mind
Track Name: Times Are Hard
"Times Are Hard" by: Walter Rose

We crossed paths on the road to hell and back
Everything I owned had long been sold
No turning back to the places we’ve called home
Loving me out of season
With a ring on your finger darling
For all the wrong reasons
Love was right but the time was wrong
Cheap motel sing an old song

I wouldn’t have it baby
Any other way
Times are hard
But they’re bound to change

Dusty dreams falling short of what you’d seen
Callused hands making for your ways and means
Tide and time waits on no man
Everyone but me tells me who I am
Grass grows bones ache
Shivering at winters breath
Stride and step walking this slow death

Times are hard
And that’s the way
With you by my side it’s bound to change
Times are hard
And that’s the way
I’m gonna love you the rest of my days
Track Name: Driving South (feat. Lucinda Williams)
"Driving South" by: Walter Rose
featuring: Lucinda Williams

My eyes tell me tales never seen
These shoes walk in lands I’ll never be
These empty bottles they just bind my feet
Something keeps me driving south where you might be

There's so many words I never had the strength to say
I feel your pain coming on my way
But there’s work to be done and there's lies to say
Little more seems to leave your mouth
And I can’t tell you what keeps me
Driving South

The sun only burns, won’t light my way
That Moonlight shines but she never seems to stay
My tongue’s been tied, my mind’s run a stray
I got nothing left but this head full of doubt
And I can’t tell you what keeps me
Driving South

So lock me up, gonna do my time
Cross my fingers, and blind my eyes
‘cause I’m bound in knots only you could tie
And I never did learn what you wanted taught
And it seems this love is gonna keep me
Driving South
Track Name: Black Crow
"Black Crow" by: Walter Rose

Black Crow sings and I’m walking down the road
Hopeless as it seems, knocking on your door
I’ve been down this lonely road

Nothing you could have said, or I could have done
This was always the end, it was over before it began
Just a false start love and I’ll be your memory
I’ll be on my way, so don’t you cry for me
This old lonely road always felt like home

Memories like movie screens, through the stone and pine
You’ll have a starring role in my slow demise
I’ll see you soon through the whiskey and wine
Is that setting sun dancing for me
Like a winding river rolling for the sea
I’m your old story that's never been told
This old lonely road always felt like home

This old crow still talking to me
don’t ask where these feet are bound to go
I‘ve got no answers, you’re the only truth I’ve ever known
This old lonely road always felt like home
Track Name: Better Days
"Better Days" by: Walter Rose

Well, I’m up at dawn
For the this little bit of pay
We didn’t have no money for a wedding
But you wear my ring anyways
And your mama’s so proud
She says it won’t be long
I know this ain't been easy living
It’s more like hanging on
But don’t let it get you down
Nah it ain't gonna be tomorrow
But there’s Better Days
And they’re gonna come our way

Your Daddy’s been gone
Three years come spring
And I know things’ been hard on you baby
But you always found a way
And I got lead on better job
But we may just have to leave this town
Just like we been doing for far to long
Yeah we keep hanging on

But don’t let it get you down
Nah it ain't gonna be tomorrow
There’s Better Days
And they gonna come our way
Track Name: Wrecking Ball
"Wrecking Ball" by: Walter Rose

Been wasting my days caught behind the bars
I was never the man to save me from myself
Just a self proclaimed hitch hike sage
Forced confession torn page
And you eyes been looking to save me
But you’re not the first to call my name

I’m the wall and the wrecking ball
Tearing myself down
I’m the wall and the wrecking ball
Tearing myself down
'till you come around

It’s one more soul lost to the fold
drowning in the sound
this time only bleeds to forgive your past
so dance in the hills with your head to the stars
you never played a hand but you held the cards
It’s a tie that binds that's taking its toll
Can hear your name when that north wind blows

I’m the wall and the wrecking ball
Tearing myself down
I’m the wall and the wrecking ball
Tearing myself down
To the ground
Till you come around
Track Name: Long Winter
"Long Winter" by: Walter Rose

Nevada City north to Callahan
Steering wheel fills the hands of a working man
Coeur D'alene floods the frame of my rearview mirror
Thirty days of rain the sun just won’t shine
She gonna heal your wounds with the hands of time

And I know she gonna see you through it all
And I know it’s gonna be a Long Winter

Half a child he’s half a man
With a badge on his chest and a gun in his hand
There’s no shame to your card game with the devil’s dealer boy
Ten years of the same can she leave it all behind
Rollin in the rough far too long now darlin' it’s time you let it shine

And I know we all built to fall
And I know it’s gonna be a Long Winter
Track Name: Cast Your Stone
"Cast Your Stone" by: Walter Rose

The lines we walk
The seeds we sow
Cock your hammer
Cast you stone